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me. noo I don’t have anyone else,,

Dan. hmm tony this is very scared,,
in St Charles after exams all classes will compete on debate of which the winning class will have to face each other at the end,,,,, like after your class has beaten all classes from jss 1 to ss3, the class will have to face each other like the A of the winning class facing the B of the winning class,, and the ss2 class has always been winning this competition ever since I came into that school, so this time around I was superbly planning on taking it from them,,

after today’s exam amina came to me and asked how the exams went, I replied fine, then she left without saying another word, that made me very surprised of her actions,, immediately she left senior ivie came to where I was packing my book,

ivie. how are you Tony,

me. fine senior,,

ivie. you don’t look good, is it because of amina??

me. no am fine,

I finished packing my books and left the hall without answering any of her question again,,
tomorrow is the final exam and it’s mathematics,so I get to be ready for the much calculations, so I went home straight to work on that,, I was inside when chuks and Dan entered,,
chuks, tony you are already here,

me. yes, I want to have some rest and read against tomorrows exam,

Dan. you want to read mathematics?

me. I don’t mean reading, I wanted to solve some difficult places, so I will be able to solve them, if they comes out tomorrow,,

Dan. I think you are right, am joining you, because I don’t want to fail that maths,

chuks. can we start now, so after that we can rest,,

chuks walked up and locked the door as we all headed to the reading table,, I brought out some difficult questions on my maths text book, we solved it one by one, chuks was very good on maths, I was even surprised on his magics, so we both helped Dan who seems a little poor on it,, after like 2hours, we call pulled our school uniform and went to the bathroom and took our bath together,,
after that..

chuks. tony did you see the Notice board??

me. no, you know I rushed home after exams,

Dan. we already know why you took that race after exam, we saw you and amina and ivie too,,

they both laughed…

chuks. you know tomorrow is the final exam, and the school debate starts two days after exam day,, and we are the first to meet the defending champions which is ss2 that next first day, and you are on our debate team, so the form master announced that our class debate team will have their meeting after today by 5pm, after the school hall, to select the the people’s that will participate,,

[/B] me.[/B] ok thank you,, I will go, but you will also go with me ok,,

chuks. why.

me. I want you to join the team,,

chuks. but am not intelligent like you and your girlfriend amina,,

me. don’t underestimate your self young man, and beside nobody is the most intelligent,,

chuks. you are tony, infact you are not just intelligent, you are talented,

me. chuka you are joining us this time that’s all,,

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