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 - Season 2 - Episode 23
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the next morning I woke to see chuks still reading, that I my first time seeing him wake up so early, though I woke up late, I think it’s because of my inability to sleep early last night, time checked 6.48,,

me. chuka, don’t just tell me you didn’t sleep at all,

chuks. I did, just woke up now and it seems as if all the hard work I did last night got deleted on My head, that’s why I was like try to get it back,

dan. hahaaahhahahhah, dumb head, why won’t you forget it, while you will be busy snoring like a she goat,

me. hahahahhahaa oh oga you are awake also, good morning ,

Dan. exam should be around 10, so chuks read as much as you can,,
and you Tony why ain’t you reading also??
me. I disn’t got deleted,
we both laughed as I stand to go to the bathroom to refresh up,
around 8 we all headed for the exam hall, they are few people’s in the hall, I went to my desk with chuks and Dan and sat down, as we engaged in a discussion,, after they left, I opened my locker, to and I saw a not inside my locker, seem as if it was sneaked into my locker through the little hole on the locker, I opened it to view the content, then it says
tony forgive me for all my actions this days, I have been unable show you love, I have been avoiding you all through this exam, I have been snubbing all through here and there, but it has not been easy for me either, I always feel like killing my self when ever I saw you but can’t talk to you, it’s just because I don’t want to be the stone blocked your sharp brain from being of your class first position, I have been crazy about you, but I pretended, all this while, and I have missed you a lot , but after today I will miss you no more, because am gonna be with you till school closes,

after reading that,I remembered that miss ade has been hiding her self from me since the beginning on this exam, I called Dan and chuks to show them what’s I saw
chuks. tony have you been in contact with miss ade since this exam begun,

me. no, I haven’t seen her either, I heard that she has been supervising the ss3 students,

chuks. and also you and amina has been acting childishly from the day this exam started, so between miss ade and amina. I must be one of them, so you don’t have to fear the unknown love will soon be known,,

Dan. look at amina over there, readin her book, she has been like that since she came into this hall, just look at her, she is too innocent to do this kind of thing, she can’t even think of it,

I think all this are the hand work of miss ade,
we were still discussing on this when the school bell came on, notifying us that it’s about the time for the exam, chuks and Dan ran to their desk to prepare for the exam, minutes later, the supervisor came in with the question Pepers on his hand, and everywhere became calm again,
the supervisor shared the pepers as the exam begun, all the questions are hard one, I started from the ones I know how to solve very well, everything that I, chuks and Dan, solved yesterday came out, after solving the simple one’s I solved some of the one’s I know from the hard one’s once I got exhausted, I submitted my answer cheat,

I was the first to submit, 3 minutes later amina also submitted her own, and came out to where I was being seated outside, and hugged me..

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