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Must Read: Whatsapp Adventure…
 - Season 2 - Episode 25
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she was about using the cutlass on her when I shouted noooooo! and jumped on top of her, they the cutlass got my back, then immediately I woke up, I looked around chuks and Dan were still sleeping, then I knelt down and pray over that dream,

after praying, I checked my time, it was 4.18, and we were to gather around 5 for the meeting, I just lie back on the bed, then I remembered that my phone has been off through out the exam season, I reached for my back and switched it on, opened my WhatsApp, the chats there was uncountable, I chatted them all back, wishing everyone good luck on the exam that just ended today, got to shade chat, she has more than 20 chats for me, seems she has been chatting me everyday, her chats were all the same like,( helo, hi, Tony, your number has been off, hope you are alright, hello Tony, am missing you please come online please please, hello talk to me Tony, helo helo, )and so on, I replied her immediately, telling the reason was because of them exam, that am back now, she chatted me back immediately,
shade. oh Tony you are back am so happy,
but don’t tell me u switched off to two weeks because of exam,

me. just that I don’t want to be distracted,

shade. now that you are here now, hope the exam is over,

me. yea, it ended today,

shade. you see this exam that you made me worried over, make sure you lead your class oh, or else, you will have me to fight with,

me. haha hahaha and who is going to tell you if I lead the class or not??

shade. think you have forgotten, my sister is your teacher right?? and beside if she didn’t even tell me , I must see you during the holidays, I know you will tell me,

me. OK na, no problem, but it’s only God who decides my position, you know,.

shade. yea but at least you got to do your own hard work,,

anyway how have you been??

me. fine dear and you??

shade. I don’t think I have been fine,

me. why do you say so??

shade. I have been worried about you Tony, the way you just went off for two weeks without even notifying me got me worried, and I can’t ask my sister about you, because I don’t want her to suspect me, or even know I have got your number,,

me. but am here now, you got to be fine right?

shade. yea I am,

Tony can I ask you a question??

me. yes go on.
the red light at the top of my phone has been blinking, indicating that I have a new chat, but I couldn’t check it because shade, was fast chatting me, she was still typing, probably asking her question, when I used that little chance to check my notifications,

miss ade. baby I wish you success in your exams hope you wrote them all,

me. yew ma, good evening ma,

miss ade. how have you been??

me. fine ma,

miss ade. and the exam??

me. good ma

miss ade. I have missed you so much, please come over to my place and help me with something,,

me. me too ma, I have been missing you, but am sorry I can’t come over now, I have class meeting over the debate, in the next 10 minutes, maybe when am done with the meeting I will come from there,

do you have a girlfriend??

me. yes I do,

shade. do you love her ??

me. yes I do,,

shade. soo much??

me. yes even more than my life,

shade. were is she??

me. here in my school,

shade. Tony I have love for you, you are the only one I want in my life,, please can you leave her for me?? I promise never to stop loving you,,

I just didn’t reply her this time, not because I don’t know what’s to reply her, but because I was confused,
miss ade.
OK dear, heard you guys are going to meet ss2, for the first round, how hard are u guys working,,

me. very hard ma,

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