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 - Season 2 - Episode 27
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time checked, 6.03pm,,I just got up the bed, switched off my phone,, wore my cloth was about heading out

chuks. Tony were are you going to,,

me. I just remembered now that miss ade wanted me to come over to her place and help her sort something out,,

Dan. but it’s late already,,

me. yea, you know I don’t want to do her bad,, I just need to get there and I will be back before 7pm trust me.

chuks. just be careful ok,,

me. OK

I got to miss ade house, she opened the door for me at one knock,, she wore a white tiny hand singlet with no bra,, and a white bump short, she was very hot,, her n—–s were pointing at me,, I tried to look away so that she won’t be able notice me,,

me. good afternoon ma.

miss ade. afternoon at this time Tony,, hmm to be your self and stop looking at my b0s0m,

me. sorry ma.

miss ade. are you guys just closing now from the meeting?,

me. yes ma

miss ade. ok please help me with this works, am very tired,, I just finished marking all of them now,, just help me fill some of the to there result card ok,,

me. OK ma,

I got to the table, the I first begun with the jss1, you know those children of jss1, they are always brilliant, because it’s only in jss1 and ss1 that you will see many types of challenges,, because everybody will be working hard to make name and lead the class, from his or her day one,, I started feeling their result with there overall marks,, one after the other,,

miss ade. Tony just be doing it, let me go inside and refresh up, because I have been here like this since morning, I will soon be back OK,

me. OK ma.

she left for her room, after about 15 minutes she called me from inside her room,, I answered then she asked to come,, I went inside then she asked me to help her apply some creams on her back,, u went to the bathroom wash my hands and came back to her room, took the cream and started massaging her back,, asked me to press her back while massaging it which I did, then she left out a soft m0an,;

by this time I have already known what us about to happen,, I kept up my good work,, I was massaging her bum side when she let out another m0an this time a romantic one,, then she help my hand and turned, placed a kiss on my lips then I kissed back, then she stood up let the white towel on her waist to fall down,, tony please I need you,, make me happy, she said,
this time am already a boss, I don’t need to be told what to do,, I pushed her to the bed, kissed her then she kissed back,, our mouths were still tied up, then I used my hands to travel east in search of her honeypot,, I got it, then I started playing with her cl-t,this time she was m0an!ng very loud, I don’t know how she got her phone and then put on a very loud music,, then I inserted my finger inside her honeypot, her m0an!ng increased, I inserted the second finger, and she third,, this time I was finger bleeping her very fast, she was really m0an!ng as if she was singing the song playing on her phone,,
then I stopped,, came down to her honeypot, then used my tongue on her c–t, she started m0an!ng again, I made sure I lick it very neat the I moved over to her b–bs as I feed my self with her n—–s, , feeding with one n—-e and folding the other b–bs, she was really enjoying it, then I moved back to her honeypot,
and then I started to tongue bleep her,, this time she was really crying as she used her hand to push my head inside her,, the started begging me to stop and have some mercy but I didn’t ,, I kept firing till she released a lot of her cums on my face,, then she passed out,,

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