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Must Read: Whatsapp Adventure…
 - Season 2 - Episode 28
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I tapped her like 5 time before she could be able to speak,,

miss ade. what happened,,

me. I think you fainted.

miss ade. oh Tony this is the best I ever had,, you really mad me happy,, thank you very much,,

me. OK ma.

I left her place at exactly 7.15, headed back for my lodge,,
guy you Don do something,,

chuks. hmmmmmmmmm Tony abeg visit bathroom,,

I didn’t talk to them as I headed for the bathroom,, I was still in the bathroom when the dinner bell came,, I quickly rush it and headed out with my roommates for the dinner,, they didnt get the chance to talk about what I did, but I know it’s not over yet,, so I started looking forward to their questions,,

we got to the hall, beans was served ,, as usual we the beans haters walked up for our noodles,, but instead of noodles that night they served us porridge yam,, amina sat beside me as she codedly asked me if I remembered that we ate to meet tonight,, I nodded then she said I love you to my ear,, though I didn’t reply but honestly if there is nobody around,, I would have shouted it,
all students headed out to play because prep has closed,, we don’t do prep during or after exams,, so we usually use that prep time to play at night, but you are free to read oo,, if you really want to win the most intelligent of the world,, (lol)
after 10 minutes of seating at the field bench with chuks and than then I informed them that it’s time, then they excorted me a little and turned back to watch my back,,


I set off to the mango tree I know amina must already be there waiting,, though securities was very tight,, but I already know my ways,, I got to the tree but I couldn’t find her,, I looked around but no one was there,, then I decided to wait for her,, surdenly something started walking like a wild animal in the nearby bush,,

fear of the engraved me,, then I remembered that I have been in a thick dark black night,, I looked around,, then I saw something coming to me,, I started shevering, one Side of me told me shout and run,, the other encouraged me to stay and be strong,, then I stood still looking at the image as it draws nearer,, then the same mind asked to hide at the back of the tree,, I quickly hid my self at the of the tree,, then I peeped in between the tree,, and I couldn’t find that image again,,

then another super fear rained on me,, I opened my mind in agap, I quickly came out from my hiding place to make sure of my eyes,, then immediately I came out,, everywhere became cool again,, then I thought maybe I was having imagination’s,, I tried to relax my mind and let out my fear,,

then immediately I started hearing a foot steps,, I quickly looked back but I couldn’t see anything,, then the little fear I let out just now,, rushed me back,, I started breathing fast,, I wanted to run and end this,, then immediately a hand touched my shoulder,, I turned back immediately and was about to shout for rescue,,

amina. Tony it’s OK,, am sorry for making you fear,,I just want to test your braveness,, and I see you have gotten a lot,,
then she placed a kiss on my lips.

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