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the kiss lasted for like 2minutes before we broke of,, though I was kissing her,, but truthful I wasn’t the one doing the kissing,, the fear in me is still treating me,,

amina. but Tony you strong oo,, if nah me,, I for Don run since,, you strong I swear,, my baby is brave,, I love you for this,, you just prove to me that nothing would ever stop you from waiting for me,, am so happy

me. you really scared me,, not the matter of being brave ooo,, do you know I nearly fainted??

amina. hahahhahahahahahahaha,, but you didn’t ,, baby thank you so much for what you did for me today,, am so proud of you,

me. you know I don’t like the way you stood in between them as if they wanted to give you a general beaten,,

amina. beat me ke. she no fit nah,, I no even see anybody there,, though I just behaved calm at the first,, but if they made any move that time,, I will just show them that they are still in yoruba land…

me. I can’t fight in this school, because if you do ,, you will get expelled,, you know about that,,

amina. Tony thank you for all you did for me,, at least now I can give you all my trust,,
she place another kiss on my lips,, this time it was really romantic,, she is not a kiss amateur sha, amina sabi kiss well,, as we kiss I just hold her tight,, as my junior famous start to stand, though I don’t really want to do this to her now,, but junior famous won’t even understand,, my hand got to her middle size b0s0m, as I sq££zed them hard them m0an really hard as she broke of from the kiss,,

me. oh sorry, did that really pain you,,

amina. no don’t worry,, just do what ever you want,,

she said as she tried kissing me again, but I blocked her half way,,

me. are you OK,,

amina. yes I am,,

me. let’s talk about the gift you wanted to give me,,

amina. no not now,, all I need now is to kiss you to my satisfaction,,

I reach for her head and pulled it up, and placed another kiss to her lips,, this time I was just minding never to touch her b0s0m again,, but she took my two hands and placed them to her b0s0m her self,, please I want you to sq££ze them,, she said,,

I obeyed her and started playing with her b0s0m again,, but I wasn’t going rough this time ,, I started m0an!ng immediately I pinched her left n—-e, I pulled my mouth from her’s and concentrated on her b0s0m,, this time she was really m0an!ng hard,,

I used my hand and unbockled her shirt and removed them and I gently undid her bra and remove it,, her b0s0m pupp out staring at me like a surulere mugu, her niples were really huge,, I rushed them as I started sU-Cking them,, she started morning again,, asking me not to stop,, I move from one niple to the other,doing my good work,,

I was sU-Cking one n—-e and sq££ze the other b—-t, she started cry,, then I stopped,,

amina. please Tony continue,

me. no I can’t,, you were crying why,,

amina. I was just enjoying it,, and beside I wasn’t crying,, am happy you are the one doing this,,

please Tony I want you to take my virginity,, please don’t say no,,

immediately I heared the word virginity,, a heavy fear buckled me,, this time,, the fear that held me was even more stronger then the one I had just 30mins ago,,

me. no,, please I can’t do it,, I can’t please,,

I searched for were I dropped her bra and gave it to her back,,

me. please take this,, am sorry I don’t even know when I got to this extent,, please for give me,,

amina. Tony why are you doing this,, please my love I want you to be the one I want to give my virginity to,, please Tony am giving it to you with all my heart,, please just take it..

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