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My Landlady, Her Daughters And A Tenant (18+) - Season 1 - Episode 2
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She went crazy and started m0an!ng out loud, “f*ck me, oh please f*ck me harder…..harder….yes..yes…yes” she cried. I felt pleasure knowing that ‘i’m hitting it’. But the more pleasure came from watching her butt0ckz bounce off my d*ck. Oh! it seemed like playing with a thick baloon, slapping against my groin, giving me the happy feeling. Soon, i noticed she has stopped moving her waist and now kept it still, welcoming my thrusts with either a wave of her hand or a shake of the head or slapping the bed. The harder i thrust, the closer she lies to the bed. Pretty soon, she was lying on her tommy with her butt0ckz up, her face buried in the pillow to muffle her screams but i could still make out the holy names “Jesus…..yes..God”, sounded more like a prayer. I slammed at it like a WWE champion and then I heard her m0an a little bit louder. I went hard at it and she started making more noises, then I turned her to her back and held her two legs up and deepened my penetration. I moved slow and she liked it as she moved her hips in tune. I started rotating my hips and she followed suit and m0aned as her cl!t was also rubbed in the process. I drew out and came down in a single hard thrust, she sighed with pleasure. I did it again and got the same response. I started thrusting in a slow pace but not deep, but will often slam in deep. Then suddenly i heard her m0ans change into a beautiful incessant tune. It was a chorus of one who’s about to come.
I let her legs go but she held it on her own, then I slammed away. Thrusting deep and hard and moving my waist from side to side as i thrust. She moved her hands over my back and held me for a while, then she started whimpering and closed her legs around my waist as her body started shaking. The way she moved under me made me feel such pleasure that I felt my Pour build up and ready to shoot. I let it go and filled her p*ssy with my juice as we both vibrated like two nokia 3310 mobile phones. I lay on top of her for a while and she still held me. Only then did i realise that the power was out and everywhere was hot and we were both sweating. I got off her and she just looked at me… smiles, no joking words, nothing except a look of satisfaction on her face. She slowly got up and cleaned her body with my towel, found her blouse, put it on and tied her wrapper as well. Then went into the sitting room, took the items i gave to her and left, not saying a word. I stood there Unclad, watching her leave, satisfied and confused.
The next couple of days was awkward for me.

I would leave in the morning and come back in the evening when it was dark (talk about a hen being pursued by the ground). The way she left that day kept me watchful. One evening i was coming in when i met her at the gate leaving, she smiled and greeted me very well, i was relieved. As we were chatting, making little jokes, she put an arm on my hand in a familiar way. Out of nowhere her last daughter (who happens to be one of those that i like) surfaced. We each took a step apart and ended our conversation abruptly and headed on our seperate ways. She greeted me as i walked past her as i answered her with a smile.

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