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S-x And The City - Season 1 - Episode 42
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Oh come on guys dont be so surprise na she was giving me green light
before so why would she design my face now just because of small kiss?

As if am going to chop her,she should Even be happy that fine boy like me
want to kiss her self.

Me: am sorry, i didnt know what went wrong.

She walk to the door and open it.

Fid: get out. (see yawa don gas oh)

Me: fidelia am really sorry now i dont know what came over me.

Fid: i said get out now.

come one dear.

get out (she screamed as if she will swallow me).

I ran out of the room feeling very bad, and yes am ashame of myself
and of course i should be, i walk out from her room and went to gift
parlour and as i wanted to knock i started hearing noises
from my phone [b]

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