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SEVEN DAYS TO MAKE A MAN - Season 2 - Episode 11
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As soon as i hear am- i was like a what the f--k is this guy trying to tell us, how dem expect make person use peppery food hand rub for bare head. Chai see gobe and wickedness of the highest order.

After the miserable eating session, we were told to rest for 20mins, where you expect make we rest, na for mouldy grass, sand and water ofcourse. Me just fine one place for the mouldy water lie down inside, {like seriouse? It was a paradise in hell}

i was fast asleep cause atleast make i rest well in order to prepare for the training ahead. I just lie down sleep o nothing concern me with the environment.

Na waiting wake us from sleep na one heave thud nai i jump up, guess what?


Men na one provost wey sleep atop a used nai land o. Chai no rd laughter na, we laugh the provost so tale

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