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Story: Compulsory Marriage - Season 2 - Episode 33
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I was taken back to the prison, some of the
wardens were happy with me that at least
there was still a little bit of hope. Lawyer and
my dad visited me the following day, i
couldn’t hold my joy when i saw them in the
visitors room

Me: Thank you so much Lawyer, thanks for everything

Lawyer: You are welcome….we are here to ask you some things

Me: okay sir…

Lawyer: Who is Simbiat?

Me: She was the lady from the kidnappers den….i sent her to you with Biola’s phone

Lawyer: well, it was her coming that actually help the case

Dad: we fixed Biola’s phone, i searched through her phone thoroughly and found some incriminating documents that led to the new lead

Lawyer: yes..that was the situation

Me: Who was the person arrested by the

Lawyer: His name was Emmanuel

Me: Emmanuel? Tall….dark?

Dad: You know him too….

Me: yes of course, he used to be Biola’s neighbour in Ajao estate, we used to be a bit close

Lawyer: Well, it seems he has something together with Biola

Me: something like what?

Lawyer: like they are dating...

Me: Lailai..that is impossible

Lawyer: Well, not only dating but having s-x together to the fact that Biola was pregnant
for him

Me: pregnant for him? When? How?

Lawyer: Well, from their whatsapp chat from when we see it from the beginning till that day that she died, nude pictures shared by them, the chat shows they have been having s-x

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