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Started: Sep 14
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The Family Curse
About Story
Written by Josh, a.k.a (D.Freeco)

………. CONTENTS…..
1. The hidden fear
2. Chike returns home
3. Chike’s ambition to challenge the curse
4. Amadi face reality as Chike determines to oppose the curse
5. Daring the gods
6. The opposition of the gods
7. Chike leaves Carpentry
8. Chidi’s fruitless opposition
9. The effect of Chidi’s ambition
10. Incident at Amadi’s house
11. Decision in the Chief’s palace
12. The struggle continues
13. Humility and its reward
14. Josh’s triumph
15. Divine favour to Josh
16. The crown of gold
17. Josh visits home
18. The defeat of the gods.