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The Heart Of A Woman - Season 1 - Episode 32
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Stella’s story continues

A text message landed in my phone a minute later, bearing the direction to Gutso’s location. The agent licked his lips, transferred the text to his phone and called Gutso with mine.

“we will be there by 9am tomorrow. Good night”
he informed him, hung up and smiled to me.

“i have to go catch some sleep. I’ll be here with my friends as early as 8am” he said and rose to leave.

“thanks a lot for bringing out your time to help me. I promise you won’t regret it” i said happily, drew close and hugged him.

Lydia coughed and eyed me.

“he’s good, and handsome hmmm”
Chika who was quiet all along said as soon as the agent left with Lydia.

I had a very restless night, thinking of many things. I thought of Kelvin and for the first time felt sorry for him. I equally couldn’t imagine what Lilian was planning.

Lydia showed up at my house with the agent and five heavily armed men by 8:15am the next morning. I was impressed by what i saw.

“so what’s your plan?”
i asked the agent curiously.

“we will go in together, survey the place, have a little talk with the kidnapper, before sending in my guys after we are safely out of the building” he said quietly. I nodded with interest.

“we will go with your car while my friends will keep a safe distance behind us. You have nothing to worry, we have the training and capability to do this without being detected” he summarized reassuringly.

“how about Kelvin. What do you have to say about him?”
i asked slowly.

“in every rescue attempt, there is always a fifty fifty chance of rescuing or losing the victim. It’s all about gamble, but i thought our priority is silencing Gutso and his gang, thus stopping them from blackmailing and exposing you?”
he asked,

“yea it is, but Kelvin shouldn’t be harmed”
i murmured.

“of course, we are going in to save Kelvin. I’m sure nothing will happen to him” he assured me.

We left my house at exactly 8:30am, leaving Chika and Lydia behind. The agent drove my SUV while i sat beside him in the passenger’s corner. The second vehicle kept a safe distance behind us. I was a bit nervous but brave.

My 9mm gun well concealed in my handbag.

I was very ready to face anything.

It wasn’t hard locating the isolated compound where Gutso and his gang kept Kelvin. A very quiet hilly community many miles away from Suleja town.

“you have to play cool” the agent advised when we got to the compound. I nodded and breathed deeply, together we alighted and walked into the empty house.
I couldn’t help but imagine how many invisible rifles were pointing at us that very moment.

Gutso soon appeared alone to welcome us.

“don’t be decieved, we are surrounded”
the agent whispered to me, even though we saw nobody else apart from Gutso in the compound.

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