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The President Son And I - Season 1 - Episode 6
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As I la!d on bed reflecting on all that happened in the Restaurant between me and Richard,I couldn’t just stop myself from smiling.

Richard proposing to me was cool because I know pretty well that am naturing feelings for him but I think I shouldn’t just accept now,me accepting quickly to his proposal would make it look like I accepted because I found out he is the President’s son.

maybe I would had said yes to him or better still “let me think of it and give you a reply” if I hadn’t find out his true identity. A knock dropped on the door

who is there,open up the door isn’t locked * the door opened and Richard surfaced,immediately I jumped up on my feet *

what’s wrong,why did you leave like that? * he asked innocently holding a branded bag,I didn’t answer,I just mopped * did I say something bad?

what where you expecting? that I should jump on you because you are a first class citizen of these country and you proposed to me? no tell me !

Richard: no,its not like that * looks confused * ok fine,am sorry,here is the meal you left behind * he stretched it to me but I didn’t accept it so he dropped it on the table beside him there in my room* take care.

He turned back and left the room,I don’t know if to say sorry or let him go but I decided to left him go,though I felt bad the way I treated him but many things ran through my mind,things like ” is he for real or just a player,isn’t he a student,what is he up to,are mine doing the right thing etc ” I weakly sat on my bed trying to control my thoughts


are my falling in love with him or its just an infatuation? oh God,am not sure of what I feel,just help me * I murmured to myself *


Hours later I took the bag and opened it,I brought out the contents of the bag,a rose flower, stick to it its a designed card which reads ” never forget you had a friend like me because I would never forget I had an angel as you” my heart beat increased

does these mean I good bye * scared *
I put it down on my bed and brought out the already packaged spices chicken then a bottle of creamed wine.

I get them out not knowing what else to do.

I finally decided I was going to apology to him once I see him the next day.


written by Michael Luxguy Augustine and legally protected


That night Jerry and James came to my lodge,it was already 7,I opened up the door for them

* trying to hide my sadness * what are you guys walking about for,your mates are sleeping

nna keep quiet, be happy we came
* I guess Jerry’s feet hit the wine I kept on the floor beside the bed earlier *

* picking it up,the room was dark * abeg on light,on light,na which kind wine be dis, on the light na

* struggling in the dark to collect it from him * drop that thing

* switching on the light * bros na creamy wine o,that type wey we get for Caroline wedding,wait something is scenting ing these room like chicken * sighting it * check that thing there

ehhhhey na Chinese spice chicken o * I stopped struggling and watched them both *

Precious you wicked,so you have money to buy all these and you couldn’t call us?

* sat on the bed * I didn’t buy it that guy did

Both: who?


who is Richard

tell us so we can go and make friends with him first thing tomorrow morning

its that same guy that I told you both about

James: o lo lo look

is like that dude is f-----g rich

a GEE boy

that’s your President son


hahaha,he wants to dupe you be that

Me: what do you mean?

president son in university of Lagos when plane never burn finish and the visa embassy never die

aunty president abi even governor children don’t school in Nigeria even self e hard to see a local government chairman pikin for Nigeria e come be president pikin

* I was about saying something when the flashback came to my head * he is the President son, I can remember I saw him with his father the last time I went to abuja,yes it was Richard,how come I forgot these,he was the one who came down from one of those Ranges that day while I was walking with Michael,he was the guy mopping at me

are you talking to us?

who is Michael?

oh my God,how come I forgot

forgot what



never mind,let’s eat the chicken together

Jerry: and the wine!

we drink it


The next morning I took my bath,got dressed and left to classes,I was I class when I realized that my monthly visitor was around,I was on easy,I was already feeling stained but thanks to God I was on black skirt,I just kept to my seat even after every lecture and with the rough plays of most of my course guys who were crushing on me. I noticed Jerry and James knew I wasn’t comfortable but didn’t ask


after their lectures I walked to the female toilet,brought out tissue paper from my bag,cleaned up myself and used some to serve as pad till I get home because I was really hoping to see Richard before going home.

on coming out of the toilet I saw Ella our assistant course rep

hi Precious * smiling *


Ella: are you ok?

yes am ok,thanks * walked pass *
I looked around for Richard but didn’t see him,I don’t even know if he is a student or not,even if he is I don’t know his department.
for three days I did not see Richard,I tried calling but I couldn’t find the number he called me with

I kept expecting him to come to my lodge as usual but he never turned up.

the 5th day being Monday,after classes I saw Richard seated on his car,my heart skipped,I tried to being myself before walking up to him but before I got to him I saw Ella run to him and they embraced

look at my baby,I missed you

Ella: no no no I missed you more.

I was so shocked and dumb founded,Ella of all people with Richard. I just turned and walked home not only disappointed but with pains in my heart.

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