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The Vow - Season 2 - Episode 48
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Sindoora shows Bharat and Aditi their room.
Bharat thanks her.

She says she has so many things to tell him but not now as he needs to get some rest.
She leaves the room.
Divya is still wondering why Bharat didn't tell her he was married.

She decides to ask him.
Chintu stops her on her way and tells her that Amar wants her to come to the room.
She says she doesn't understand what's going on as one minute Amar didn't want her to enter the room but now he wants her to.

Amar sneaks up behind her and covers her eyes with his hands then he leads her to the room.
He takes his hand off and she sees the room has been decorated the way the bedroom is decorated for newlyweds on their wedding night.

She thanks him and says she couldn't get him anything.
He says all he wants is her.
She tells him that she loves him.
He carries her to the bed.

Bharat tells Aditi that he's sorry he had to say they were married.
He says he only realised after he had said it but he thinks it's easier to go with the lie so as to stop his family from asking too many questions.
Aditi is quiet.

He says when she wants to leave, she is free to do so.
He says they will be there for a while and he won't interfere in her life neither would she in his.
Divya and Bharat meet at the temple early in the morning.

Divya asks when he got married.
Bharat says he got married to Aditi a few months ago and he's sorry for not telling her.
Divya says it's okay.
She tells him she's sorry for the way she spoke to him in front of the family.

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