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The Vow - Season 2 - Episode 49
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Divya is crying.
She pleads with Bharat not to hurt Amar because he's Sagar and she can't live without him.

She asks why he agreed to do it.
Bharat asks why she would think he would kill Amar.
He tells her to calm down because he won't do it but he can't tell Sindoora not to kill Amar so he pretends he's going along with her plan and that way, he can protect Amar.

Divya asks if he can't come up with another plan.
Bharat says he will go along with Sindoora's plan but he will come up with his own plan to make Amar see Sindoora for what she is.
Divya says as a child she was playing with her friends and had to close her eyes, she didn't realise she was on the terrace and there was nowhere to go but she still couldn't open her eyes because it was against the rules of the game; a voice told her to jump and she did and the person caught her.

She realised the voice was her brother's voice and she learned to trust him so she will trust Bharat as he's always a brother to her.
Bharat says he didn't know she had a brother.
Divya says he left when she was still young and she has no idea why he did but her parents were heart broken.

Bharat assures her that her brother is still with her and won't let her down; he won't let anything happen to Amar.
Divya is praying in the family temple.
Bharat comes in and tells her that seeing her there reminds him of the old days.
Divya says they've done a lot together and even saved Sagar's life together.

He says they have to do it again tomorrow because Sindoora wants to kill him tomorrow.

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