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'The Vow' Season 2 Episode 78 Recap - Aired: Friday 14 September 2017
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Aditi picks up the photos.
Karuna picks up the photo by her feet and sees its a photo of Aditi and Karan.
She tells Aditi that she likes the photo and sees that she hasn't taken her husband's name.
Aditi says he's no longer her husband.
Karuna asks why she still has his photo.
Aditi says she doesn't know how the photo got there.

Bharat enters the room and Karuna sends Aditi to go and make some tea for him.
Aditi leaves the room.

Bharat says he's lucky to have a wife like Aditi.
Karuna says Aditi still has memories from her past.
She gives him the photo and says Aditi spends her days thinking of her past.

Divya is at the hospital getting a sonogram.
Gauri is with her.

Amar comes to the hospital.
He asks to see a doctor so that he can collect Divya's medication.

The nurse tells him that Divya's file is with the gynaecologist.
He asks for her office and the nurse directs him.

He wonders why the gynaecologist would have Divya's file.

He enters her office and sees the sonogram on the monitor.
He smiles and reaches to touch the baby on the screen.

He doesn't see Divya and the doctor as they are behind a curtain.

He calls for the doctor.
Divya hears his voice and signals to the doctor not to let him know she's there.

The doctor goes out to meet Amar.
He asks why she has Divya's file.
The doctor tells him that Divya's case is complicated.
She gives him the file.

Before leaving, Amar turns to look at the sonogram once more.

Divya cries to Gauri about the fact that Amar was longing for a child.

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