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'The Vow' Season 2 Episode 75 Recap - Aired: Tuesday 12 September 2017
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Amar enters the room and asks Divya if she's okay.
Divya quickly wipes her tears and pretends all is well.
She tells him she just felt nauseous and it's nothing to worry about.
He asks if she is okay.
She assures him that she's feeling great.
She asks if he's angry at her.
He doesn't respond.
Divya says she knows how he feels as she can see it in his eyes and he doesn't know how much it hurts for her to know he's angry at her.
Amar says he can't bear to be angry at her.
She asks why he doesn't talk to her anymore.
He says it's because he can't do what she's asking of him.
They are both crying.
Divya wipes Amar's tears and tells him that she would never leave, no matter what happens in their future.

The ceremony ends.
Gauri is cleaning up.
She packs the prayer trays and Uma tells her to give them to her.
Gauri says she wants to help.
Chandra tells her that she is a stranger and should do as Uma says.

Karuna calls Bharat into her room to ask if all the wedding arrangements have been made.
Bharat says he has handled everything.
He asks what's wrong.
She says he has done everything but she needs to do what she has to.
She takes out her suitcase and says since the wedding is at 8, she would be leaving by 7.
She starts to put her things together.

Gauri is praying in the family prayer room.
She asks for help as she is confused over what Divya told her.

Aditi is in the room thinking of Karuna's rejection.
Divya brings in a tray of makeup to help her get ready for the wedding.
Aditi says she can't be happy knowing Bharat is not happy because his mother won't accept her as her daughter in law and doesn't even want to attend their wedding.

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