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'Tinsel' Season 10 Episode 2126 Recap - Aired: Friday 15 September 2017
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Bimpe is at work
The temp asks her how her meeting with the talent manager went.
Bimpe gives a long hiss and says she first complained that she was late, as if she doesn't know about Lagos traffic, then asked her what she knew about QATA.
The temp says she must be the Cleo of QATA, the hottest talent agent around.
Bimpe shouts 'Hey!'

She takes the temp's phone and dials Cleo.
She instructs the temp to tell her that she's an actress and wants to meet her.

Yaya is in her living room, brooding.
Philip comes to meet her.
She asks what he wants.
He says he's sorry and doesn't know what happened as he tried.
She says she doesn't know why no matter what she does, she can't turn him on.
She says it's over.
He says no, he loves her.
She says if he doesn't want her, he would want someone else.
He says it's not true.
She says it's a big problem.

She asks where they would go from there.
He says he doesn't know but he will fight for them.

Bimpe and the temp are in Ziggy’s.
Bimpe is hiding behind the bar.

Cleo walks in and sits at a table.
The temp greets her and says she would be back but she leaves the bar.

Bimpe comes to Cleo's table.
Cleo tells her she has a meeting.
Bimpe says she's the meeting.
Cleo stands up to leave.
Bimpe begs her to sit.
She tells her that she has done her research on her and found out she started as a PA then moved on to PM.
Cleo asks what Bimpe can do.
Bimpe says she can do anything.
Cleo says she would be out of town as she needs to finalise an actor's contract but she would have a task for Bimpe when she gets back.

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