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TRAUMA (Pains of Love) - Season 2 - Episode 1
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We reached the school at about 7:12am.
Eric left me to join the other seniors while I walked quietly to the assembly hall.

After the assembly, I walked with Queen to the class.

“Becky, I’m happy to see you again o,” Queen smiled and held my hands.

“I missed you too o but I’m not happy with you,” I smiled too.

“I know but don’t worry, I will pay for your lunch today.”



“Wow! Thank you,”
I appreciated.

“Can I ask you something?”
She said.

“Yea, sure!”

“I want us to be friends, not just any friend but best of friends,”
she said.

“Wow!” I was overwhelmed. No one has ever said that to me before. “Sure, we are now best of friends,” I said happily while she hugged me briefly…

Soon, we walked into the class holding hands.

“Wow! Becky,” Some members of my class shouted happily and came to hug me. I was shocked beyond imaginations, even Emeka and Peace hugged me too.

“We missed you!”

“I missed you all too,”
I said, laughing along with them though deep down my heart, I knew I was lieing because I didn’t miss any of them.

“Is it true that senior Eric is your brother?, Did your mom really kill your father???” This questions and many more were thrown at me from every corner making me wonder who might have leaked the information to them. I was lost on what to answer, so I simply said, “None of that is true,” to get them off my back.

“Okay but don’t leave us like that again,” Peace smiled while I nodded and she walked back to her seat as the Mathematics teacher walked in.

“I guess this term will end pretty well,”
I thought as I sat on my locker. David sat at my back as usual while Queen sat beside me. I opened my locker and brought out my mathematics note book, only to open it and realise that my note was up to date.

I turned to Queen, “Did you copy my notes for me?” I asked.

“Yes!” she smiled and handed me my key.

“Thanks a lot,” I smiled back and collected the key. “But you didn’t lock the locker.”

“I guess David forgot coz he collected the key from me this morning before assembly,”
she told me.

I turned back to glance at David but he looked down which made me face front again to find the mathematics teacher’s gaze fixed on me.

“I won’t ask you to keep quiet but instead I’ll punish you,” he said.

“I’m sorry sir,” I apologised calmly, amazed with myself that I could easily apologise.

The teacher simply ignored me and began teaching..

The rest of the teaching’s went well and some of the teachers cared well enough by welcoming me back, promising to conduct extra classes for me, starting from the next day during break.

Soon it was break period. I prepared so I could go the canteen with Queen as she promised.

“I’m ready, let’s go,” I said facing her as I stood up.

“Where’s your school bag?”
Queen asked.

“Big girls don’t carry school bag around,”
I said.

“I see,” she nodded and moved out from inbetween her locker seat and the top.

“Are you girls leaving without me?” David asked from behind and stood up too, then walked and stood infront of my locker, looking at me.
Queen just hissed and folded her arms, making me wonder what had happened between them.

“what was the meaning of what you did in the morning?”
I asked.
“Stop pretending.”

“I don’t understand what you’re talking about.”

I eyed him angrily, then hissed and joined Queen who was already outside waiting for me.

“What happened between you and David?” I wanted to know as we walked along the path leading to the cafeteria. The same path I had insulted Eric.

“Dave is a wrong number,”
Queen frowned.

“What did he do?”

“He told everyone about your family secret and even refused helping me copy your notes. But sha he did your assignments for you and that’s why I gave him your key this morning so he could put the assignment book inside your locker,”
she concluded.

“David behaves strange, He drew the battle for love this morning with Eric but when I asked him why, he pretended not to remember,”
I added thoughtfully.

“That’s his own cup of coffee, let’s hurry, you know we have limited time,” she said and began walking faster while I followed suit…


Queen bought me popcorn and hollandia yoghurt and also bought same for herself, then we walked to the far end corner and sat down.

“Where did you get money from coz you don’t always bring money to school?”
I asked curiously.

“Mom decided to shower me today o,”
she laughed. Soon be began eating the popcorn and all of a sudden, something bad, very bad happened.
As we were gisting and laughing and at the same time eating our snacks, we sighted David through the open glass window frog jumping and that forced us to run outside, only to sight Eric at the far right end of the path with other seniors. The path was a long straight one and I wondered why David was frog jumping from one end of the path to the other…

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