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'Twist of Fate' Season 1 Episode 267 Recap - Aired: Tuesday 12 September 2017
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Sheila thanks Pragya for what she did for her.
Pari tells her mother that Pragya fooled all the thugs and they were able to escape.
Sheila offers to follow Pragya home to tell Abhi the truth.
Pragya tells her to stay at home and take care of Pari and she would call when she needs her.

Nikhil and Tanu are waiting outside Sheila's house.

They see Pragya as she comes out to the road to look for a taxi.

Nikhil makes a phone call to the leader of his thugs and tells him to get a rickshaw so they can kidnap Pragya again.

Tanu tells Nikhil that she wants them to kill Pragya instead.
Nikhil says he doesn't want to go to jail.
Tanu tells him that if Pragya tells Abhi's the truth, Abhi would kill Nikhil so it's best to get rid of Pragya.
He agrees and drives the car towards Pragya.
Pragya's jumps out of the road in time and hits her head on the ground.

At home, Abhi wakes up shouting Pragya's name.

Nikhil's car rams into a tree and catches on fire.

Purab runs into Abhi's room.
Abhi tells him that he senses Pragya is in danger.
Purab prays for Pragya's safety.

Pragya gets up from the ground and sees Tanu in the car.
Tanu is bleeding from the head.
She begs Pragya to save her child.

Nikhil and Pragya bring Tanu to the hospital.
Pragya tells the doctors and nurses that Tanu is 8 months pregnant and they need to save the baby.
They take Tanu into the theatre.

Alia calls Tanu's phone and Pragya answers it.
Alia recognises Pragya's voice.
The nurse asks Pragya what happened to Tanu.

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