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unplanned love - Season 1 - Episode 2
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Architect Adetutu just came back from the hospital from his regular check-up. He remembered what doctor Oni told him six months ago after he carried out series of test on him and how he had to resign from work. He missed all his architectural designs; he remembered how he sneaks to the office at night to work. He also remembered some of his best designs which include MTN, Globacom telecommunication head office in Lagos and Abuja, all Dangote cement and flour mill companies, most private universities structures in Nigeria and the gigantic Faith Tabernacle church Winners Chapel headquarter in Ogun State which is his the greatest achievement and has made him to be recognized more and brought more fame and business to NICON construction company owned by him and his best friend engineer Okoh. His was given national award by the former president and his name was written in Guinness world record. He was all smiles deep in his thought that he didn

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